The Smart Water Networks Game developed by Effinet

More than 100 students have had the opportunity to learn about the future of water distribution management and the key objectives of EFFINET FP7 project, through an interactive game specially designed for students aged 10-17, which was presented as part of the event “Through the researchers’ eyes” organized by the Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus in Nisocia on Friday 28 November 2014. The objective of the event was to bring public and researchers together, and instigate interest in research and science.



 For this event, EFFINET researchers designed an interactive Question/Answer game which runs on a low-cost computational device which is widely used for education purposes. The questions served as a basis to address various key issues related to water scarcity, water losses and leakages, water quality, and energy usage. A short explanation was given after each answer, to enhance the learning process.

The game platform is released under an open-source license and is available to be downloaded, translated and edited at

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