Palma de Mallorca Public Water Utility (EMAYA) supports EFFINET

Welcome on board EMAYA!

EMAYA has just signed its support to EFFINET project as an strategic stakeholder. EMAYA is the municipal water company that manages the integral water cycle, the urban solid waste collection and the street cleansing in Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain)with a population of 400.000 people.

Some relevant EMAYA figures:

  • 30 hm3 per year of water supply
  • 90,000 residential meters
  • 1,000 km of water network
  • 1,500 km of sewage system and storm drain
  • 40 hm3/year of treated water
  • 30,000 tons/year of sludge at 23% dryness
  • 200,000 tons/year of municipal solid waste collected

In the recent history of the Balearics, it is important to point out the beginning of a new tourism starting around 1950. The increasing tourism since then reached a figure of seven million tourists visiting the island of Mallorca. The tourism phenomena significantly changed the city landscape, and the whole island. The increasing trend of tourism made the island the area of Spain with the highest GDP per inhabitant.The Palma climate is Mediterranean with an average temperature of 17 ºC and an average rain level of 450 l/m2

 Concerning water resources Mallorca has been mainly supplied by underground water, due to the high permeability of land, which makes underground water the most abundant water resource. The island development, the population increase and the tourism increase, led to an actual situation of water deficit, which can only be balanced using no conventional, like seawater desalination or wastewater reuse. On the other hand the consecutive lost of underground water quality due to seawater intrusion contamination, have contributed as well to promote these techniques in the last decades, which nowadays characterize water management in Mallorca and more specifically in the city of Palma.

Linked to water deficit and quality monitoring, EMAYA aims to transform the company into a municipal lab for technologies in water and waste treatment, contributing to a city marketing strategy based on sustainability, environmental respect and innovation as an identity.

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