EFFIcient water NETworks

Efficient Integrated Real-time Monitoring and Control of Drinking Water Networks

EFFINET is a project funded under the EU 7th Framework Program. EFFINET started in October 2012 and will run for 3 years.

EFFINET project addresses three main management challenges in urban water system:

Real-time monitoring of water quantity and quality refers to the continuous detection and location of leakage and or water quality problems. It uses fault detection and diagnosis techniques. Demand forecasting and management is based on smart metering techniques and includes detailed modeling of consumption patterns as well as a service of communication to consumers. Real-time optimal control deals with operating the main flow and pressure actuators to meet demands using the most sustainable sources and minimizing electricity costs and is tackled using stochastic model predictive control techniques.

The EFFINET project proposes the integration in a cloud platform, of selected innovative ICT technologies of operational control, network monitoring, and demand forecasting and management for improving the efficiency in water and energy use of drinking water networks, developing:

  • Model predictive control (MPC) techniques to operate water networks and tailored to meet demand, to comply with environmental resource usage constraints and water service dependability, and to make the least possible use of energy and cost.
  • Real-time monitoring methodology to detect and locate leaks and water quality-breach events, based on the use of real-time sensor information and mathematical models.
  • Demand forecasting and management methodology, based on the use of AMR and on consumer information technologies.

The project will provide an integrated software platform and two real-life pilot demonstrations in Barcelona (Spain) and Limassol (Cyprus), respectively.

The partnership assembled to deliver the EFFINET project is a combination of key players in the field, leading ICT companies, business leaders, technology developers, water companies and top scientists in the field of water management, information and systems analysis and the social sciences. See our Project Partners page for more details.