ICT Solutions for Fast and Efficient Management of Water Distribution Networks

KIOS Newsletter: Intelligent Times Vol.1 No.4, January 2013 . Page 6.

Author: University of Cyprus-KIOS Research Centre

The KIOS Research Center is taking part in a new EU FP7 project to help address significant challenges in the management of urban water distribution systems. The project, with the acronym EFFINET (Efficient  Integrated Summary: Real-time Monitoring and Control of Drinking Water Networks), involves the development of an integrated software package to enable water utilities to monitor and control the distribution of drinking water more efficiently. The software will offer an integrated solution to the management of supply and demand of water, reduce consumption and decrease energy costs. The system will help water utilities to manage the challenges posed by limited water supplies, and the complexities of infrastructure to make the supply of water to meet rising consumer needs / demands, with appropriate flow pressure and quality levels. Water conservation and sustainability policies are also a key concern for water utilities.

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