Collaborative meeting of EFFINET, WatERP and UrbanWater hosted by CETaqua in Barcelona

EFFINET, UrbanWater and WatERP, 3 projects coordinated from Barcelona (Spain) met to share experiences and plan common dissemination actions to increase the impact of  projects results.

Taking advantage of the fact that 3 out of 5 projects in FP7-ICT-2011-8 call for efficient water management are coordinated by organizations from Barcelona metropolitan area (Spain): BDigital (WatERP), CRIC (UrbanWater), AQUALOGY (EFFINET), projects’ coordinators and dissemination leaders met in CETaqua (Water Technology Centre) Headquarters ( to start collaborating more closely and maximize dissemination of projects.

The session was the first of a serie of regular meetings that will be held to share experiences and work together in a common dissemination strategy for those 3 projects (national and international). Among main conclusions, project leaders agreed to collaborate  in a common FP7-ICT Workshop (Barcelona. September 2014) organized by EFFINET. Projects will also participate actively in the cost-benefit analysis and the production of the commercial video lead by UrbanWater, to be launched in the ICT for water management workshop in September 2014. As a result of that first collaboration meeting a common article will be released in a selected magazine (iagua) of the water industry.

WatERP UrbanWater & EFFINET collaborative meeting

1st collaborative meeting Barcelona